Calculating edible doses

First go at making some gummy edibles. Trying not to launch myself into space by accident.
Can someone confirm my math;
4 grams infused into one cup of coconut oil = 4000mg of thc oil times 16% thc.
(4000mg x .16 = 640mg in the one cup of oil)
640mg/50 gummy’s = 12.8mg per gummy
If I were to use half cup of oil per 50 gummy’s
320mg/50 gummy’s = 6.4mg

Was told there is 1000mg per gram of bud

That being said, what’s your go to strains for edible making? I made 4 cups of oil, 2 cups blueberry 80/20 indica, white widow 50/50, and banana kush 60/40 indica.


Usually my grow partner and I just throw it all in the butter machine, not separated. The machine does a great job at removing any unwanted flavor, and as such it comes out tasting like butter, or olive oil, or whatever we make.

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What machine do you got? And do you still have to decarb your bud?
I’m just trying to save a few bucks and do it myself for now.

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We do decarb lightly.

Magical Butter Machine MB2E Botanical Extractor with Magical Butter official 7 page Cookbook Decarbox Bundle

That is kind of the big package, the machine solo is cheaper. Make friends with the smoke shop owner, this stuff is way overpriced also, and the cost from the dealer is far cheaper.

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Wow pretty cool unit. Looks very convenient, if this batch turns out crappy I may make the investment.
I decarbed mine in my electric smoker for 40 mins at 200, I also ran bud through grinder and laid it evenly on some foil. Seemed good still, didn’t burn it at all still had nice smell and turned my oil a nice green

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I got a new decarb machine that also does a little baking. In the instructions it really dumbs it down for you. It’s a simple as this whatever your THC percentage is or your guesstimate just add a zero. This is per gram of de carb flower.

So you have 1 g of decarb bud that is 20% THC that would be 200 mg per gram of flower. So it would just all be math from there depending on what you’re doing. :+1:t3:


Gotcha. So it would add up to be the same mg

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I use this to guess dosage.

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Here’s a rough formula: (Total THC in mg) ÷ (Number of servings) = mg per serving. So, if you have 1000 mg of THC in your batch and you make 20 gummies, each one will have about 50 mg of THC. Adjust to your liking—some folks prefer a milder buzz, others want to blast off into space!

But remember, edibles can sneak up on you. They might take an hour or two to kick in, so be patient. And always label your thc weed gummies—no one wants a surprise when reaching for a snack!