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California drafting water rules for cannabis growers

Makes sense when you think about it. Like any other agricultural endeavor, water use will be important.


This will not be an issue whatsoever if the grower is using a sealed room. With a sealed room using air conditioning the grower will be able to reclaim virtually 100% of the water for reuse in the form of condensation and can be pumped to the feed tank at around a 7.0 PH. If the grower is able to burn CO2 through either propane or natural gas this will create additional water vapour that will make it’s way back to the air handler and condense providing additional water to the tanks (110%) leaving you with extra pure water to use above and beyond the grow. When you seal up the space the obvious tradeoff is power and upfront cost however the level of control is unparalleled. You will be able to create your own biosphere and recycle. If you want to check out some of our systems to give you a better understanding of what they are capable of check out We’re also more than willing to step anyone through the process of figuring out a perfect solution as well as free 3D room designs. Cheers!

Brandon Kion
Excel Air Systems