California Humboldt County

Did you know that if you are in Humboldt County only TWO municipalities have approved Cannabis businesses for
Cultivation, Manufacturing, Dispensary and Delivery?

The two approved Municipalities are:
Arcata (
Blue Lake (

Stay Compliant California - there are a lot of different rules and regulations based on your City and Municipality for California. Please feel free to ask about yours and I will reply.

Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher


The verbiage used in San Diego zoning is also a nightmare. Was just at the City Council meeting in San Diego for the Outco/Outliers request for a dispensary. Due to the fact the building was a “stand-alone” it wasn’t able to get a retailers permit (what is needed for recreational sales) and was only able to apply for medicinal. The applicants were not too happy when this stipulation was revealed. They are meeting again in early January. Will be curious to see how this plays out.