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California Recreational vs. Medicianal

Starting January 1st, it will be legal to purchase marijuana in California dispensaries without a medical card. However, Proposition 64 which legalized the sale of recreational marijuana also said that state and local governments can add a sales and use tax on top of the cost of the cannabis. This tax is expected to be around 30%. So, for a $50 purchase (the average cost for an eighth), the new price would be $65. That’s $15 extra every time you buy an 1/8th.

The good news is that the sales and use tax will not apply to medical marijuana. According to Section 7 of Proposition 64,

“The sales and use tax imposed by Part 1 of this division shall not apply to retail sales of medical cannabis, medical cannabis concentrate, edible medical cannabis products or topical cannabis…” [Section 7, Part 14.5, 34011, (g)]

So this is where the conversation of medical vs, recreational comes in - Should, in recreational approved states we still apply for medical cards? What are your thoughts?

Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher


It’s all personal economics. If it costs you less time/money to get your medical license and you smoke a fair amount, it’s definitely going to be worth it to stay a medical patient.

I’m curious to see what % of the population of California will be medical vs. recreational around December 31st, 2018.