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California Sales Statistics April 2018

California Overview:

In April there were approximately 450 licensed dispensary locations operating across the state as well as 112 delivery operators, those businesses represent the market for which reporting sales are for.

In April 2018, cannabis sales at state licensed retailers and delivery services reached $209 million. Compared to March, sales in the California market grew 7 percent. The growth in the market can be attributed to both new operators as well as same-store growth amongst dispensaries licensed in prior months.

Flower/bud generated $84.2 million in sales in April, contributing 40 percent to overall sales. Compared to March, sales of flower grew six percent. The average retail price for flower declined three percent from March helping to drive sales volume up 10 percent.

Sales of concentrates were $64.6 million in April and contributed 31 percent of total revenues. Sales in the category grew five percent from the prior month. Vape products contributed 81 percent of concentrate sales in April and grew five percent from March.

Edible sales in April were $34 million, an eight percent increase from March. Beverages, tinctures, and candy were the fastest growing segments within edibles, each enjoying double-digit sales increases from March.

Sales on Friday, 4/20 were $15.2 million a 78 percent jump compared to the previous Friday. For the three days of Thursday 4/19 through Saturday 4/21 combined sales were $31.4 million, a 36 percent jump from the same three days in the prior week.

Retail sales volume April 2018.

Category Sales Category Share
Flower: $84.2M 40%
Pre-Rolls: $14.9M 7%
Concentrates: $64.6M 31%
• Live Resin: $2.7M 1.30%
• Oils: $1.7M 0.80%
• Shatter: $1.9M 0.90%
• Vape: $52.3M 25%
• Wax: $2.8M 1.30%
Edibles: $34.3M 16.40%
• Beverages: $1.7M 0.80%
• Candy: $13.4M 6.40%
• Chocolates: $4.3M 2%
• Infused Foods: $4.3M 2%
• Pills: $2.2M 1%
• Tinctures: $7.9M 3.80%
Topicals: $3.7M 1.80%

–Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher


Only 7% growth?! Oh no, the sky is falling!


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lol - it is because the market prices here are insane with the excise taxation.