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California Sales Statistics December 2017

California Overview:

Combined sales for California’s medical dispensaries and delivery services were $259 million in December 2017, an 11 percent increase from November. From when reporting began in March 2017 to December, over $2.3 billion in retail activity has been recorded in California dispensaries and delivery services.

December sales in the Northern half of the state were just over $100 million, an eight percent increase from November. Sales in the Southern half of the state increased nearly 13 percent, reaching nearly $158 million.
The sales of flower/bud generated $123 million for the month and contributed 48 percent of total revenues for the market. Compared to November, the category grew seven percent in sales.

Concentrates were a $75 million category in December, a 13 percent increase from the previous month. In December, concentrates contributed nearly 29 percent of revenues. Vape sales continue to dominate the California market as vape alone contributed 20 percent of revenues in December.

Edibles enjoyed a holiday boost in December. Compared to the previous month, revenues from edible sales grew 21 percent, reaching $37 million. Chocolates sales jumped 30 percent from last month, having the highest month-over-month growth within the edibles category.

Retail sales volume December 2017.

Category North Sales South Sales Growth from November 2016
Flower: $47.9M $75.1M -9%
Pre-Rolls: $5.7M 9.1M 37%
Concentrates: $29.7M $45.2M 47%
• Live Resin: $992K $847K 113%
• Oils: $1.8M $1.4M 26%
• Shatter: $1.5M $2.4M 24%
• Vape: $19.3M $32.9M 69%
• Wax: $2.4M $1.5M 30%
Edibles: $14.2M $22.8M 13%
• Beverages: $610K $953K 19%
• Candy: $3.6M $9M 16%
• Chocolates: $4M $5M 10%
• Infused Foods: $2.4M $2.6M Flat
• Pills: $975K $1.2M 23%
• Tinctures: $2M $3.2M 15%
Topicals: $995K $2.2M 25%

Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher


@Proteus420 this data is very helpful, thank you for sharing! What sources do you use for your research?


Good information, that for sharing it.


Hey Nick -

We get a lot of data analytics from partnerships through 3rd parties, NCIA, CCIA and of course we submit for our clients to METRC, LEAF and Biotrack so the states provide us with a lot of the state reporting.

–Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher


Thanks for posting all this data Dawne! I appreciate it. :slight_smile: