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California Sales Statistics November 2017

California Overview:

Combined sales for California’s medical dispensaries and delivery services were $233 million in November 2017, a five percent seasonal decline from October. Between March 2017 when reporting began and November, nearly $2.1 billion in retail activity has been recorded in California dispensaries.

November sales in the Northern half of the state were $93 million, a five percent decline from October. Similarly, sales in the Southern half of the state also declined five percent, hitting $140 million.
The sales of flower/bud generated $114 million for the month and contributed 49 percent of total revenues for the market. Compared to October, the category lost eight percent in sales.

Concentrates were a $67 million category in November. Though concentrate sales declined two percent from October, the category share jumped a whole point from 28 percent in October to 29 percent in November.
Edible sales were $31 million in November. Edibles sales grew two percent from October, driven by heavy sales in Northern California, while concentrates and flower both saw declines in November.

Topicals remain a small category with less than $3 million in sales for the month of November. The category is noteworthy though, as sales continue to grow month over month. From October to November, topical sales increased nearly 10 percent.

Retail sales volume November 2017.
Category North Sales South Sales

Flower: $44.2M $69.9M
Pre-Rolls: $ 5.3M $ 8.0M

Concentrates: $27.3M $39.5M
• Live Resin: $947K $906K
• Oils: $1.6M $1.3M
• Shatter: $1.6M $2.1M
• Vape: $17M $29M
• Wax: $2.8M $1.6M

Edibles: $12.9M $18.5M
• Beverages: $530K $722K
• Candy: $3.1M $7.1M
• Chocolates: $3.4M $3.9M
• Infused Foods: $2.1M $2.1M
• Pills: $1M $1.1M
• Tinctures: $2.3M $3M
Topicals: $1M $1.8


Man, it’s always amazing to see the size of California’s economy.


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