Calling all breeders

Okay so as ive discussed with some. Im working on expanding my business. So im trying to get into breeding. Im trying to figure out autoflowers… so if i cross a photoperiod male with a female auto. Would it create the autoflower seeds??


Yes you would my friend


Right now I’m running gelot og auto from seedsman see what it is


I believe a percent is 25 % autos and 75% photo

or something along those lines and a percent of the photo offspring should finish

faster (semi autos)

but what the parents of the male female you use plays a part also

but I am not a breeder :slight_smile: just a pollen chucker for personal use

all the best and be safe



I think im understanding. So i would have to breed the male to the auto female. Then take a male from that generation and breed it to another auto??

im assuming thats how they created these fast flowering critical seeds that i got as a promo from royal queenseeds. Cuz they dont say autoflower. They say fast flowering.


google Mighty Mite, Danish Gold they are both semi autos I believe

good place to start for some of this

I believe if you use a Male Auto on a Female photo you get more leaning to the Autos

just buy some auto pollen :slight_smile:

Mendel cross ratio

I have not had to know this since college in 77

all the best and grow well



No, the F1 generation will be mostly heterozygous and tend to exhibit a fast-flowering phenotype, some breeders report about 10% do autoflower in the F1 though. You would need to mate the F1s, which gives roughly 75% photoperiods and 25% true autos in the F2 gen. You need to select and mate autos from there forward until it tests stable as a trait (likely F4 or more in a photo to auto conversion). Using a male photoperiod just ensures you’ll have some male autoflowers in the filial generations. I’m not a breeder though, just a solid understanding of genetics fwiw :+1:


Thank you it has been a long time :slight_smile: