Calling all budtenders -- how are things going?

Hey budtenders,

I’m wondering if anyone who works in a dispensary would have 30 min real quick to talk about your experience working during the pandemic. From what we’ve read on here, it seems like it’s been like a long and turbulent ride, the reality of which often seem to fall on deaf ears. Will compensate for your time.

This is an opportunity to get big-time dispensary owners at the top thinking about this. Would be anonymous, and won’t appear in any publication. Purely for insight, not journalism.

My company is hoping to get the word out to cannabis business leaders about the actual experience of budtenders right now, and find ways the industry can show more love, and (justly) reward you guys for the burden of having essential worker status right now.

Seems like that’s currently not happening.

More specifically, we want to hear from you what it’s been like to social distance at the dispensary, customer stories, expectations/ projections, and how you’re coping.

This would be a low-stakes conversation, and I know it’s a hot topic at the moment, so hopefully something you’ll want to talk about. If you’re from California or Illinois, that’s a plus!

If any of you have a minute to have a conversation today or tomorrow email me at [[email protected]], or DM me on here.