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Calling all Farmers Near Ukiah, CA!

@GSGR works alongside the newly formed California Cannabis Tourism Association, devoted to bridging the gap between the cannabis industry and greater tourism. One of our members is seeking farmers within 30 miles of Ukiah, CA to include on their tour, starting as early as next week. They are offering to pay per head for this service, and of course only ask that you maintain compliance.

If you or any one you know may be interested feel free to contact me here or shoot an email to [email protected] (:


Hey there, @lauren! Let me give you a hand by tagging the @CAgrowopowners, @CAMasterGrowers and some other @growopowners and @mastergrowers to see if we can’t find a farm for you to tour!

Do you know any farmers out there in CA that want to show off their work?


This is very interesting to me, I am in Portland, But I will reach out to my network of growers. I would personally love to learn more about the tour. Thanks! [email protected]


Thanks so much Ashley! I’ll shoot you an email (:


I have some licensees I work with around Willits that may be interested. What is the per head payment?


Hey there Gabriel!

For each guest they are offering 10-12 dollars. The van can currently host up to 10 guests per tour (they are hoping to extend to 14 as the tour progresses) and the hope is to have the tours 2-3 times a week. They would like to stay within 30 minutes from Ukiah so Willits sounds perfect (:

Feel free to email me at [email protected] for any more questions!