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CalOrigin vs metrc - Double tagging?

I have see some photos from cultivators in Humbolt County, CA using SICPA tags instead of metrc tags. This seems to be out of compliance with the state even though SICPA does integrate with metrc.

Isn’t the state mandate that every plant tagged with the state tag? (ie metrc)

Thanks for the clarification. Just need to make sure our clients are in compliance.



CalCannabis has clearly stated that duplicate tagging systems are possible…specifically, the state level METRC and Humboldt County systems are known to coexist, and both are mandatory at the is time. I will try to dig up the cite when I get a moment.


I will check, but I believe that it is mandated hang tight.

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Here is the actual written response to the question about coexistence between METRC and CalOrigin that we asked from the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

I trust that “nails” the answer.


Thank you again Jordan!! Much appreciated.

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Glad we were able to be of assistance…as I like to say, that is the difference between guessing and nailing something.

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Thank you Jordan!!

So perhaps a better question. Are the CalOrigin counties REQUIRING double tagging? Or is this strictly a cultivator’s decision to get the “branding” benefit?

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