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Can anybody please tell me

Just exactly what the cost of buying genetics is? On average at least.

Looking for prices for seeds only please. Seems like all the suppliers here in Canada don’t want to take me seriously when I tell them how much I want to order and stop replying to my emails…sorry that I am going to have a big ass operation? Sorry that I am offering to spend a crap load of money on you?

Anyways, just looking for some industry standards price wise for now to figure out my costs.

Please and thanks!



Don’t buy a lot of seeds but I believe Ethos Genetics has worked with LP’s up in Canada on larger purchases. I would hit up Colin over there and see if he can help you. He will take you seriously.



Will do!



Hey Bryan, have you checked Jordan of the Islands?


have you tried outsourcing from spain?

if its an option for you i can connect you to a genetics producer which supplies large seed companies over there.



Hey Bryan,

On Strainly, 10 seeds vary between $35 and $500 depending on the breeder and their willingness to provide high volumes…

We’ve got a number of Canadian breeders that would probably be happy to provide large volumes, please let us know if we can facilitate your search :wink:

You can find quality genetics from reputable breeders around $100… on average.

That said, if you really plan to propagate at scale, you may want to consider cloning from a mother plant you have have germinated yourself, thus ensuring consistency and cleanliness of your starting material.

Finally, we’ve got two Tissue Culture providers in California and Canada who are going to offer their TCs soon on Strainly. Keep an eye open. That is another propagation method you could consider if propagation at scale :wink: