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Can CBD get you high?

Question of the day…

So grew a Blueberry CBD plant for the wife. She wants the benefits of cbd but does not partake in anything else.

Got the strain on ILGM offered less than 1% thc. I tried a couple bong hits to test it before giving it to her. NOTHING, nice taste, nice smell but absolutely felt nothing. Give her a pre roll and she was high af after half of it.

Any thoughts or ideas? I realize the strain can have variations but I just couldn’t believe it got her stoned after I tried it myself. Did make for a comical evening though.:grin::v::call_me_hand:


Howdy @bow4buck

That is interesting. Technically CBD cannot make you “stoned”. It is actually a THC inhibitor due to the way it connects to our cannabinoid receptors. If you too high, take some CBD, and it will bring you back to earth. People say CBD is not psychoactive, but it really is as its known to have calming and relaxing effects, it reduces anxiety and may reduce chronic pain in people.

Not to sure what to say, maybe she has a very low tolerance, maybe it was a placebo effect, possibly the strains ratio’s are wrong, there are so many variables.


My thought was low tolerance too? I have tried CBD a couple of times in hopes it would help calm some anxiety, and know a lot of people that swear by a 50/50 of each.

Sure it was funny to watch!


@chrisj appreciate the reply. I told her it was in her head (literally) she was worried about getting high before ever smoking it, so she got high :grin:

I realize the percentages could be off for her but thought less than 1% would not be noticeable. I believe I’ve seen some straight cbd strains out there. Might have to hunt down some with 0% thc

@dunbar she was so funny I didnt even need to smoke to enjoy the show.


If she doesn’t partake in anything else, I feel like simply the act of smoking anything could be something she wasn’t used to, and cause her to be dizzy and lightheaded, giving her the impression that she was “high”.


CBD with less than 1% of THC can’t make you high

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