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Can someone help me!

Hey guys. So like first my english isnt that well, but i hope u will understand it. So, 7 days ago i i watered my plants and i noticed that they have yellow and brownish spots on upper side of leaf, and i was thinking i might give them some nutrients and i did so. The next was raining so i wasnt capable to visit them. So the next day after that i visit them and they all was pale and really weak. Now is past couple more days and my plants looking really damaged and i have no idea what I might do with them. I searched on internet but i didnt have much luck. If u can help me i would appreciate it so much

But on side of that i have 3 plant which look bit better but still have yellow and brown spots


Hi welcome to GN. Your english is great and easy to understand. You could have a few problems. Its seems like your biggest problem is overwatering. The soil and plants look saturated, filled with water. I would put them under cover with sunlight and not water. Next is to check your pH, it could be a either to alkaline or to acidic causing problems with nutrient uptake.

  1. Cut off the leaves that are dying with sterlized scissors.
  2. Let the soil dry out a bit and only then looking at watering. Also important to check pH.

Hope you come right.


Thank you. I didnt water it for 2 days and the soil was bit pressed and i ques water could not circulate. I dont have any ph measure equipment, all i can find in my place is cheap and old machines or whatever. I put them under sun but they reaction was bad. Thank you for answering, it really means a lot.


Sorry advice was no help. Its defintely something with the roots. Dont forget cannabis roots like aeration in the soil, hence growers add things like wood chips, perlite and vermiculite.