Can u spot my mistakes?


Whats going on in here? What you got growing?


Ok heres the list.

  1. The seedlings are in way to big of a pot to start in.
  2. Your soil or media is soaked.Too much water. Seedlings need a little water in the begining.
  3. your hydrometer is up on the filter and not in the canopy where it should be. You cant tell relative humidity at the fan. We want to know whats happening in the area they are growing in. The canopy is where the photosynthesis happens. Also the temp is way different up that high. it will give you incorrect readings.
  4. I think the lights a little high in the air. Do you have a par meter? Tds meter? Your gonna have troubles if you just wing it! Well help you out. You seem like a new grower and need some friends that grow to help you learn a bit. Keep all your info here in this thread. Change the name to something like my first grow or something like that. And we will help you learn more! Also the magnifying glass next to your name/avitar will help you search for answers to questions you want to ask. If you put the @ in front of a persons name it give them a notification to check your message when they log in.

If that’s an auto flower that’s a good pot to start off in, but you don’t have enough dirt in that pot. And not enough perlite. Other than that you’d have to make a video :slight_smile:

I run my lights all the way to the top. Turn them on about 80% (all Hlgs) and let them stretch. If you have your light too low you won’t get any heights and we’ll have trouble using a trellis nut. (Mr Canucks)


The only reason to put lights high is if you have enough parr to supplement the area. Streching is wasted space on the stalk for growing. Tight spacing is desired. In flower your plants will (final) stretch for your trellis needs. Canopy contol is very important for consistent results.


If your cultivar has tight inner notary length ( spaces in between leaves) in its genetics, high placement of the light won’t change that, with a normal 4x4 gorilla tent with the 7 ft extension, there’s plenty of space between the light and the canopy. I run my lights as high as possible at 80% until the second week of flower and then I turn them up to a 100%. My Apple Butter cultivar has long inner notary length no matter what I do. My bushy White widow, very tight inner notary length, it stays bushy, if you want “a lot” of inner notary length ( Bud sites)

on your plants, you need them to be tall. You cannot change the genetics or the characteristics of a cultivar.

These photos are a excellent example of a plant that was bred to have a long space between nodes for one reason or another. That cannot be changed no matter where you place the light. If they’re bred to be bushy, they will be bushy.


This is another excellent example. This cultivar will never be bushy, no matter where you put your lights.


No matter what you do, this plant will never be bushy.

That’s why I run those lights high.

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Lights are about parr. Not genetics.

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