Can you positively identify this plant? Temp Thread

Can you please help me identify this plant. Let me explain. Lion and I started off with twelve plants, 6 Bruce Banner Auto and 6 White Widow Auto. Lion is a Vietnam veteran, so shit happens, like dropping all the sprouts and not knowing what is what.

Now we have 6 plants that are bushes and not budding just yet, and we have 6 plants that look exactly like the two in the photos below.

Again, there are 6 which are not budding yet and are little bushes, and then there are 6 which look like the ones below.

Can you identify these plants? Please explain why you think it is either Bruce or White Widow. I would really appreciate the feedback, no wrong answers, and I appreciate your time.

I will trash this thread after a few days. Just asking for some help.


If I had to guess, I would guess that those are BB. True White widow are mostly sativa and have a lot thinner leaves.



Back in the far left and the front most right are the same strain, the rest of the room here is predominantly what I referred to as the bushes with no flower yet.

Again everything is autoflowers.

Side by side strain comparison

Just an additional photo. If only they weren’t autoflowers…


It’s been a long time since I grew white widow auto but not as long growing white widow photo. That being said the plant on the right side in the very bottom picture has a flower that looks like white widow to me. :man_shrugging:


If that is the case, being that in real life it looks to be the same strain as the initial two plants I showed. Which would mean that my White Widows are not as bushy, and are budding sooner than my Bruce Banners which are bushy and are not yet budding.

It’s all going into the same lungs, however it’s nice to have an idea. Right now the best I can do with these is try to simply figure out which 6 are a group, and if anyone identifies it’s strain that’s a bonus.

Thank you @happilyretired


Sure, will become more clear during the grow

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White widow I grew and very spindly branches by the time it finished stretching. I didn’t have it scrog’d but it needed it badly.


Like these two?


Exactly! And it’s either going to be (a) better than what you can buy at a store, or (b) it will be WAY better than what you buy at a store. I don’t think you can go wrong. :fire: :evergreen_tree: :dash:


in all reality can’t name strain – but by the leaf development ; look like a hybrid - eaither a 50/50 (sativa/indica) or a indica dominate plant


Here are some more photos of the mystery autoflowers. Again this is either a White Widow or a Bruce Banner. Any new guesses?


looks like cannabis to me


@chrisj @Slym3r can we trash this thread now? It’s no longer needed, plants identified.


Thanks for asking @Skinnyhb , topic has been archived.