Can you run 2 different Lights?

So I’m using a sunlike light which is pretty much white lights but still full spectrum and a red/blue colored light and is full spectrum can I use both in the same tent??


Yes you can. More lights the better. just watch temps. I like dimmer ballasts so i can taylor my lights output.


Thank you I appreciate it. I wasn’t sure I’m new to this and didn’t want to mess anything up


It never hurts to ask.


If you can control heat, humidity, temps, environment, for sure use dual band spectrum.
Use LED and CMH (LEC) same time.
I use 4200K CMH in Veg with red LED.

Then in Flower I switch to 3100K CMH and flip my 90W Kessil LED to Purple/UV.
I use dual band as much as possible but A/C cost money to cool things and drys out the air.
VPD super important in dual band and I suggest a baby sitter with that much light and heat.

Kyle M

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Thanks for the information I understood some of it and I’ll have to look up the rest I’m really new to this and I’m doing it for my dad who is sick. So my tent right now is at 81 degrees and 51% humidity I’m at late veg sending into 12 on 12 off for flower my lights are about 15inchs for top of the canopy and I believe they are both led lights one is white and one is red/blue. Should I raise the lights or anything?

Hi Boogie,
Keep doing what you’re doing and finish it out.
As you prepare for your next grow or if you have clones and propagation, print yourself out a VPD Chart and hang it on your fridge like me and learn it.
80F and 50% humidity is a big spread and I prefer not to grow in those conditions at all ever in a canna grow.
You are dangerously close to 40% humidity with 80-85F leaf temps is ouch.
Since your in late flower, just go with it and finish well.

Dual Band is not an easy thing to do and don’t stress yourself over light and are you using enough.
The Environment is actually more important in my opinion and VPD is your golden ticket next grow.
Give me the cheap UFO LED light and show you how well VPD works.
Kyle M


Here is a chart try and keep your temps and humidity in the green areas. This is what @FarmerK is talking about.


Agreed :100: find that sweet spot and it’ll do wonders… I’m looking at notes I definitely need to change summer and winter stats… Winter indoor kills it for me my vpd was way off this summer… Need to lower temp by 3 degrees and up humidity by 10… Love growing cannabis :metal::seedling::herb::palm_tree:


@scotty17 @PreyBird1 thank for the help imma do some adjusting today see how it helps.

Yes, it will be fine to run two different lights in the same room. People do this all the when they want to try out new lights and compare the results side by side. Mixed spectrum rooms with multiple light sources is also used by some growers. Good luck, I hope this helps!


Thanks @ryangrovebags I appreciate the help.