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Canada announces cannabis will be legal by July 1, 2018


Let’s hope they don’t run into any roadblocks getting this legislation finalized.


Game on… about bloody time.


And the legislation has been introduced:

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Just waiting on them releasing the details. There is a press conference soon that will outline the details. Exciting times for the Cannabis Industry in Canada. We will see how hard they regulate it.

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Personal production >> 4 plants no higher than 100cm… Clearly no-one on the legalization committee has ever seen a Cannabis plant…


You mean tree, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


up to 14 years for selling to a minor, yikes

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I guess that means no minors hanging outside the dispensary asking people to buy for them :slight_smile:


It’s crazy cause selling cigarettes or alcohol to a minor in Canada is only a fine.


Probably a compromise they had to agree to so as to get the “think of the children” people to sign off on the legislation.

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As @nicholas said, it was likely a compromise for political reasons. When legislation like this is passed, you usually have to appease the opposition crowd with something.


Looks like in the meantime they’re continuing to crack down on cannabis users, sadly:


And now they’re figuring out the tax structure:


Now they’re worried about a shortage after legalization:

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Mexico also just announced that they are moving in the same direction. Rudimentary bill just passed a couple of days ago! :slight_smile:

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Yeah that one was a surprise. Good for them and hopefully it will help reduce the profitability of illegally sold drugs.