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Canadian Cultivator

My name is Devin and I’m looking to make some connections within Canada’s cannabis industry and offer my opinions and perspective on cultivation within within the regulated framework. I’m interested in working with established or in-progress cultivation facilities as a partner, consultant, or employee.

I am happy to discuss commercial cultivation, from traditional and micro propagation through to controlled environment drying and curing and all of the processes in between, along with their considerations for regulatory compliance.

I am motivated to produce the highest quality cannabis with the leanest production methods, using an evidence-based approach to inform all production and financial decisions.

Please feel free to respond to this post or message me if you have any problems or questions that I may be able to work with you to solve.



Hi and Welcome to the network :slight_smile:


Hey @devjyarn!

I just so happen to be in the middle of designing my facility and will eventually be needing a Master Grower.

Can you give me your detailed Cannabis industry history and experience here please?

If it’s what I’m looking for, we can continue talk via DM after that.


Hi Bryan,

Just over 3 years ago I began my deep dive into the world of controlled environment growing on a commercial scale, while also gathering all of the necessary resources and contacts required to make a plan come together. I’ve put together my own business plan over the last 18 months and am working with my local business community to gauge interest and find like-minded partners.

I’ve developed well informed SOPs and GMPs for all aspects of cultivation by considering standards from controlled agriculture and pharmaceutical production which could be applied to hydroponic or “certified organic” production (cannabis is not a food product, and cannot be certified as organic, but there are certifying bodies that are willing to work cannabis cultivators and stake their reputation as an organic certifier).

I’ve talked with professionals from all aspects of commerical controlled environment cultivation to inform my own practices. I’ve done my best to be thorough in my research to bring the most value to the Canadian market, from micro propagation and meristem culture to virally scrub genetics, workflow design and lean production methods, environmental controls and fertigation design consultations with Argus and Priva, conference calls with labs able to perform basic potency and microbial tasting through to informing breeding programs related terpene and minor cannabinoid presence, establishing relationships with fertilizer designers to dial in plant performance using leaf tissue and effluent analysis through to HVAC designers and commercial LED manufacturers who are interested in performance benchmarking their products.

I enjoy the evidence based side of things and am excited to be a part of the industry from its infancy and see how it evolves as regulations develop and data becomes more valuable. Within the next years I speculate that small facilities will have difficulties succeeding if they haven’t been designed from the beginning to record, measure, and reflect on all aspects of cultivation and processing. These will be necessary not only for the facility’s bottom line, but for traceability and accountability of all products. Soon, too, extractors and retailers are going to want a guaranteed production method that yields consistent, identical results.

If you’ve got any specific questions related a certain aspect of production, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer it for you.

Thanks for getting in touch.