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Canna Cribs Podcast

Hey @memberdirectory, hope you are enjoying a strong start to the new year.

We recently launched the Canna Cribs Podcast and I would love to share it with you all. :slight_smile:

I will be interviewing all sorts of interesting characters, from breeders to growers to processors and beyond. Let me know who you would like to see an interview with and we will invite them to the show. Also, if you are feeling generous, leave a review, comment and subscribe, so we can keep bringing you more educational content.

Happy Growing! :sunglasses:


Thank you for sharing @nick. Subbed to your channels and actively listening in and learning. A couple of breeders I would love to hear on your show would be:

Joseph Pietri ( USA )
Ray Anthony Cogo ( USA )
Reeferman ( Dave Scott/ Canada )
Jay Blogs ( South Africa )
Sannie from Sannies Seeds ( Amsterdam )
…more to follow.


Thanks for your informative podcasts @nick. I loved the podcast with Nick Pennington from Humboldt Seed Company. My favorite so far.
I’m only growing Humboldt Seed Company strains at the moment. I’ve got Hi-Biscus and Magic Melon going right now.
Royal Highness and Jelly Rancher will be started soon!
I’m just waiting for my friends at to get their packs of Jelly Rancher in. My name is on 1 of those packs already.

It was great to hear Nates take on the whole Phylos Bioscience controversy. I followed that story closely when it 1st broke.

For future podcast ideas. How about getting someone from the cannabis lobbying industry in, to see what there doing behind the scenes to get Cannabis off the controlled substances list.
I’m always fascinated with the legalization news.


@Tygrow78 I watched the deep roots episode.
Amazing to say the least


Oh yeah, Mammoth P is what I was thinking of.
Artesian Grown has got it going on, forsure!
I’d love to work on a setup like he’s got. Had to be really expensive to setup!


I like that too. Its amazing times and states, countries changing their policies every week. Just last month Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota legalized recreational cannabis and the federal government just passed a bill to decriminalize cannabis.

Please share the link of this specific episode.


I can’t figure that out @chrisj. Not without starting a new topic. Their all on YouTube on the GN page.
Sorry brother.


@Tygrow78 @chrisj here is the exact point of episode where Nat Pennington of Humboldt Seed Company talks about Phylos Bioscience:

We try to link out the questions in the description under table of contents, so it’s easier to jump into the discussion you are more interested in learning about.


For sure! I think you will be really interested in my interview with Natalie Papillion from the Equity Organization, as well as Kevin Ahaesy with ECO Cannabis. We touch on those subjects throughout both episodes. I will definitely share them on Growers Network once they go live.

@chrisJ these are excellent recommendations, I’ll reach out to them for interviews.


I totally forgot, our member @todd.mccormick is famous for breeding and activism, one of the OG’s of cannabis. He recently launched a new book( From Cancer to Cannabis ) while running his Authentic Genetics Seedbank with loads of lovely collectable varieties and some oldschool IBL seeds.

Great… It did come back to me, it was Humboldt seed Company. If you get to interview Joseph Pietri, some questions about Phylos would be great. He has been involved with them way before the bloodbath started. It would be interesting to do a podcast with Phylos themselves too. Its a big story about the future development of genetics.