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Canna Cribs production

@jdsikorsky What’s the biggest challenge in producing an episode of the series?


Sorry for the late reply here! Been swamped with the release of ‘Fox Hollow’. Each episode seems to have their own unique challenges depending on location (especially if it’s remote) and facility expectations. It’s especially a challenge to implement our own creative vision with someone else’s. I always love collaborating and I am very open-minded to new ideas but sometimes it’s tough to implement other ideas when they don’t necessarily fit your own vision. At the end of the day it always works out! But the process can be a bit more tedious depending on which episode we are working on. This usually entails choices in cast, story arc, and feedback.


Yes. I imagine that would be tough. Everyone has “ideas.” Hard to please everyone but it sounds like you guys are on point.


How do you go about getting the opportunity to take a tour of commercial grows? Do you contact the company or do they contact you?


Best part on fox hollow episode when everyone was at the table with Cameron talking and eating some tasty food having a beer and conversing about expanding and the feats they will have to endure… That’s real life shit people will love it :+1:… As always in aspects of growing another informative episode

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I can attest to the importance of the earth juice hibrix molasses and growash they both have changed the way I grow .I watch this show to see what products ppl are using on a larger scale I keep a note pad handy when I watch it. It has and will save me money tks for that to all involved :wink:


Dont forget that most of the big scale producers they have deals with the manufactures to advertise the products and etc . they pay way more less then the market price for those products. Especially overpriced fertilizers and pesticides . I will take for example Grandevo , i havent seen worst products , i like to test all pesticide under microscope ; keeping fresh infected leaves in jar with moisture ; the Grandevo is killing like 10% and it takes like 1-2 weeks , until that time they reproduce x10 , same like most of the biopesticides; i gifted 2 bags of Grandevo to my friend ; nothing beats cheap soaps and oils .

Also they show like everything is perfect , if you pause the video you can see a lot unhappy plants, even on some videos like totally dead plants , the episode with the Organic Farm in Oregon the plants they look so unhappy if you pause the video … but still very nice episodes …

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For sure u got to test thing out yourself to be sure it works for you ,and in a corporate world u can’t be 100% sure till u see for yourself

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