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Cannabinoids showing promise in combo with chemotherapy for leukemia


It’s an in vitro study, so a lot of work to do to replicate it in vivo in animals and then hopefully humans. One interested tidbit is that they found that administering the chemotherapy first and then following it up with the cannabinoids had a bigger effect, meaning that the order of administration was important. Still, the combo therapy proved more effective than chemotherapy alone, meaning that if this translates into human treatment it would allow for a lower dose of chemotherapy to minimize side effects:


I love how cannabis seems to keep fighting cancer! It’s a plant that keeps giving back.


It’s a nice validation for the people who have been using cannabis to help fight cancer already, even though it’s a very preliminary result. Olivia Newton-John announced she’d be using cannabis oil along with her chemo recently:


I Invite everyone to read this article, it explains a Journey and a process that is most interesting. MD Anderson is one of the largest and cutting edge cancer hThe Biochemist Who Cured His Cancer With Cannabis Oil.rtfd (2.2 MB)
hospitals in North America

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