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Cannabis Accounting, Tax and Reg. Compliance Resources

We trust that many of you have seen our posts [yesterday’s post about turnkey issues got a bit more heated than was intended, and unfortunately that happens sometimes. ]. We did want to make sure that everyone was aware that we have a website that contains over five hundred pages - including 150 FAQ’s plus useful links that provide detailed information about:

  • Accounting issues including complex topics like integration with Fishbowl Manufacturing for Extraction, SSARS-21 and numerous other topics you will not find easily in other places.

  • Federal and California tax issues and detailed information from the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”); the Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”); the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (“CDFTA”); and the Economic Development Department (“EDD”)

  • California cannabis regulatory agency from the Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”)California Dept. of Public Health (“CDPH”), the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture (“CDFA”),

  • Resources and regulatory information from DEA - DCD, FinCEN and numerous ancillary California regulatory agencies such as the Water Board, Pesticide Regulation, etc.

There are practical resources for:

  • Paying taxes to various agencies in cash.

  • Filing Form 8300 for cash receipts in excess of $10K

  • and all kinds of the other item we have learned along the way.

All of these resources are available with cost or even registration. Our approach is that by sharing information that helps build community knowledge with some of the tricky and complicated issues, when you actually need professional assistance, we have demonstrated our competence as CPA’s and perhaps you would consider working with us. If not, we have made a contribution to the community. Feel free to ask questions within this forum as well.

The website is

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