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Cannabis at the Olympics?

Looks like CBD was removed from the doping list, although the THC ban still remains in effect. Additionally, South Korea does not allow cannabis, so that’s another concern.

That said, looks like there’s some movement, so hopefully we see more progress soon!

Would also be interesting to see if any sports around cannabis pop up, although that seems hazardous. :stuck_out_tongue:


Olympic Bongathon? I think Colorado already does that through a private invitational!


How long do you think it’ll be before we can have a proper Weed Olympics? I know High Times or some other such media outlet has some version of it, but I wanna see something big. Something that’s a spectacle, with all the pomp and circumstance and regal feel of the actual Olympics.


We considered an Autoflower Cup before.

When I think Weed Olypmics (in my head I call them Cannalympics,) I picture a big torch full of weed and everyone wearing spandex outfits styled akin to the 1980’s. Basic colors of the rainbow kind of stuff.

Probably shouldn’t put me in charge of the Cannalympics. :grinning:

So what happens exactly if they find THC in your system if you were competing? Kind of like finding steroids? Disqualified or medals pulled?