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Cannabis Banking

Good morning Growers Network,

Got Cannabis Banking?? NO?? We can help!!

–Registered financial institution with FinCEN, regulated by the IRS
–National internet and mobile banking network
–Cashless system–you can even pay your taxes
–All funds at Federal banks, FDIC insured, collateralized and encumbered accounts
–Open for business in CA, NV, AZ, CO, WA, OR… more states coming on line

Want to learn more??

Steve Cruise
MJ Insurance, LLC


i do want to learn more, please write back
steve goldner


I’d love to learn more when you’re able to work with Alaska businesses. I’ve got a long list of peers in Alaska that would be interested too.


Yes. We would like to learn more about Arizona



Please contact me - we are looking for a value added Banker that is not international. I have some questions about the affiliations, etc.

858-566-6060 X111
[email protected]


Hey Gary,

Thanks for the response. Our system works anywhere. Logistics are the issue for Alaska, just because we haven’t targeted that state yet. I’m not familiar enough with Alaska rules and regs and have a couple of questions:

-Is their a security/transport company that moves money for dispensaries??

-How many of your “peers” would be interested in the program??

Anything else that you can provide as far as info on the market in Alaska would be helpful. I have a meeting tomorrow with Corporate and they have added Alaska to the agenda so if you could get me info I will work on this.

Look forward to working with you.

Steve Cruise
MJ Insurance


Hey Steve,

I’m a member of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association which has 40+ members. If I could find out how it works I could present this to the members at the next teleconference meeting or invite you to the meeting. I know a few business owners outside the association that would be interested too.

Alaska has a Security/Cash Transport company ;
(Valkyrie Security and Asset Protection Inc./ 907-841-2255 /

If you have any questions on the market in Alaska feel free to text me (907-650-7650), call or email [email protected].


Good morning Steve,

Thank you for responding. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss cannabis banking solutions with you and have a power point presentation that I would like to forward.

My email is [email protected]. Look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Cruise
MJ Insurance, LLC

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