Cannabis by climate zone

Hi growers I operate outdoors in Southern California and I’ve been at it for a few years now and I’m wondering if there are any farmers out there advanced enough to be able to recommend optimal strains by the climate zone system. I think it would create an efficient understanding of the strain map if this was incorporated. I live in zone 9b and was wondering if there were any recommendations of strains that would do better than the average in my area in any category of yield, content, or quality.


Many growers work years to find something that fits the micro climate of their grow. Top of a mountain in the desert in zone 9b is very different from a coastal valley in 9b.

The good news is you’ve got a great climate to experiment with. Find some seeds that are bred for outdoor by people local to you if you can!


Very interesting question and difficult to answer. Cannabis generally grows well in Cali, and some world famous strains were developed in that region. I would listen to local growers and if you can look up some breeders to. I recently wrote an article about a SoCal breeder, I will try and rack my brain and see if I can link the article.

Yield and content would be strain dependent in good growing conditions and quality of product would be up to you and what you put in.


@devjyarn you read my mind sometimes it’s not the strain you need to find but try to make it a suitable outdoor environment… If you are in an area with direct sunlight in southern California in a dry area you will probably need shades and mist to help the environment… But if a certain strain is bred outdoor it will definitely help only question is what type of outdoor environment did that certain strain grow in… In southern California it rains 2-3 months of the year other places longer or shorter periods


Exactly my thinking and the setup I have gone with. I feel like it’s a balance of strain and climate as well as all other parameters as watering nutrients and other care


My thinking about the whole indoor outdoor thing is the one goal it all has in common… It’s true potential with lights and temp and humidity… Yes herb grew wild with landrace strains but perfection of the quality of your product is the main goal… perfect environment and we as growers must adjust accordingly to how the strain reacts to the environment we give it