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Cannabis/CBD Payment Solutions

Hi All,

I’d like to reopen a general discussion about how money moves in cannabis! Obviously as the industry moves away from cash there are a litany of options for cannabis professionals to choose from, so I think that this would be a good opportunity to gauge the benefits and pitfalls of all the payment solutions out there.

Full disclosure, Zodaka (the company I work for) provides electronic payment for CBD and cannabis, but we are always curious to see which way the industry is going so that we can offer the best payment solution to all our customers and make sure this wonderful industry is progressing in the right direction. So, this discussion will not be an auction block but an open forum where we can discuss what is working (or not working) at this point in cannabis history. My thought is if we collectively figure out the best solution then we can really speed up the progress of cannabis and ensure the safety of those within it. Let me know what y’all think down below. Thank you!