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Cannabis Clean Room Solutions Stage 2

STAGE 2 Cloning

The propagation of new plants in your operation are done in a cloning room. Clippings, or cultures of plant matter are placed under lighting systems on sterile shelves to begin the rooting process. Once plants have rooted and begin to grow they will be moved to a Vegetative room to grow to their full potential.

Why Metro?

Metro brings solutions that are easily cleanable and provide high density products that help grow more healthy clones in a smaller footprint without sacrificing accessibility of clones.

  • Adjustable shelving helps meet ideal light spacing
  • Highly customizable to meet your rooms dimensions
  • High density track shelving helps find more space for clones
  • Cleanable shelving protects against mold, fungus, and Bacteria

Plastic Shelving

This is not your average plastic shelving. Metro’s polymer shelving systems incorporate robust steel corners, reinforced center supports, and advanced polymer materials to deliver stationary and mobile solutions with the strength of traditional wire shelving. Removable polymer shelf mats protect supplies from damage and wash easily by hand or in dish machines. Microban® antimicrobial product protection is built into the shelf mats and finishes to keep the shelving “cleaner between cleanings”.

For more information on our equipment, don’t hesitate to ask @elaine.errico