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Cannabis coconut message oil

My first attempt at a topical was an utter success! I’ve never been so stoned after a message! If you want to know how, let me know.


So… How? :crazy_face: :nerd_face:





First you need to make a cannabis infused coconut oil. It’s easier to make with pressed cannabis, dabs or shatter, but it works good with trim or flower also. To make the coconut oil and you need to decarboxylate your weed I do 250° for 27 minutes. Then let it cool to room temperature. I used virgin coconut oil which makes it more solid. But you can use regular coconut oil. You need one cup of coconut oil for the recipe so I would make 10 oz at least. Measure it out and put it in a oven safe glass container, a Pyrex liquid measuring cup will do just fine. Put the coconut oil and decarboxylated cannabis in the pyrex measuring cup. you need to have enough oil to just cover the cannabis Place the Pyrex cup in another oven safe pot and fill the pot with warm water making a water bath. Only put water up to the level of the oil. Place both containers in the oven at 250° for 2 hours.
Now you have coconut infused cannabis oil. Squeeze out cannabis oil with cheesecloth or a fine mesh filter. Make sure you press the weed to get all the oil. When I was squeezing the oil out I forgot to use gloves and got extremely stoned afterwards. I recommend using gloves unless you want to feel the highest you’ve ever felt in your life.

Measure out 1 oz of beeswax and shave it finely add it to the warm oil. If it doesn’t melt be very careful reheating the oil because you could diminish the quality. Try to keep it 110° or below. Meanwhile measure out one cup of cold water, add four ice cubes and six to ten fresh cannabis leaves. In an electric blend er, blend together the ice water and leaves, strain liquid. It’s best to use a hand electric bur mixer for the next part. Make sure you strain out any solid wax that is in the cannabis oil. While the oil is still warm. Blend the cold water little by little using the bur mixer as you go. The mixture should start getting thick and pasty.use your best judgment on how much water to use. Once you refrigerate it it will get thicker. Refrigerate up to 3 months or out of the fridge for a couple weeks. Apply like massage oil. If it’s too solid, heat it up slowly and apply


From everything I have read and I use a great cream myself.THC doesn’t cross the skin blood barrier !
Are you saying it does?
I sell my lotion to county sheriff’s who have tested it. They use it regularly and tested negative for THC.:thinking:
I know mine works I have many people using and continuously ask for more.
Just curious…!
Are some more sensitive to it?
Can anyone answer this?
All research I have done says no…:thinking:
Either way… great stuff!:green_heart:


On further research I realized that the stone I felt might have been from the cookie I ate five hours earlier. Unfortunately after trying it again you’re right, didn’t get stoned but it’s still good for you lol


Lol! I thought I found my massage holy grail for a moment but guess what! I guess I’ll stick to smoking it then! Jokes aside though high quality cannabis has been proven as a great pain relief for thousands of people and I’m pretty sure that even a massage can be a great experience and have its unique benefits too. I prefer consuming it in edible forms as it’s the purest nad safest to go with and providers of the most premium and prestigious quality like can really turn the whole thing into a safe and affordable process if you are willing to give them a try!

I was wondering how the person giving the massage was doing after the massage.

I might be giving a lot more massages! lol!

Yo! Cool name! Are you a long way from home?