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Cannabis courses

Hello all!
I’ve been doing some research into online cannabis courses like the courses offered on this website and other ones like cannabis training university, thc university etc,. my question is, has this helped someone to secure a position in the cannabis industry or are the courses leaning more towards people who wanna perfect their personal grow? Thank you for your time as always!!!


Hello and welcome!
The courses are primarily for personal knowledge and if the university where you take the courses offers you valid internationally recognized certificates then you have a plus for employment. I got hired on the basis of certificates from online courses as a cannabis consultant and master grower in Hemp (growing cannabis is still illegal in my country).


That’s what I thought! There is a accredited community college offering a online course with a certificate, so it definitely will not hurt my resume taking the course. Thank yo!!


Experience is more valid I think. Everything they teach you, you can teach yourself. Set up a grow and make a journal. Watch videos and do hands on. My 2 cents at least., :facepunch:t3:


Hello It is good to hear from you,

I am also looking for a course that will allow me to join the cannabis industry, currently in Colombia is growing in this area and I would like to be more prepared to be able to apply for jobs here and anywhere in the world. I have experience growing and I am still looking to improve and learn much more.
Could you please share the places where you plan to do the course? or @chiper where you already did it and it has helped you in your work life.
I really appreciate your time in providing me with this information.


Hello! For me I plan on taking a course at Mount wachusett community college but there is a lot of courses available like thc university, cannabis training university and oaksterdam! I’m going with Mount wachusett simply because it’s a accredited community college but it’s best to see what the programs offer and what works best for you! Hope this helped!