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Cannabis cultivation in Colombia

Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC Purchases Land in Colombia, Announces Plans for Advanced Cannabis Research Facility

RDC’s direct investment transfers ownership of 1.5 acres of fertile farmland in Colombia’s coffee-growing region to be used for cannabis cultivation and research. Facility construction and preparation of land for genetic testing and disease management research will begin shortly.

[10/19/2017 – Manizales, Colombia]

Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC (RDC), an emerging consultancy firm specializing in legal cannabis production in Colombia, South America, and the Caribbean, reports that it has closed on an agreement to purchase 1.5 acres of high-quality farmland in the Manizales area. This transaction is the first step in an ambitious project to develop an advanced cannabis research facility in Colombia that will prioritize innovation and push forward the boundaries of cannabis study.

Colombia is positioning itself to be an early success story as a major contributor to the global cannabis market. Ryan Douglas Cultivation has been legally growing cannabis in Colombia since early 2016, following a government decree allowing personal cultivation of up to 20 plants per person. This process has provided RDC with unique experience in understanding local growing challenges and benefits.

“It’s an honor to be an early participant and partner in Colombia’s forward-looking policies designed to create leadership in the legal cannabis space,” said RDC Founder Ryan Douglas. “Our efforts will help ensure Colombia’s cannabis industry becomes a world-recognized model for both innovation and corporate responsibility.”

Ryan Douglas Cultivation has announced two areas of initial research. The first is to identify and test cannabis varieties that produce high amounts of essential oil, display desirable medicinal traits, and perform well in outdoor and greenhouse environments in Colombia, South America, and the Caribbean.

The second focus is to devise a roster of effective organic methods for pest and disease control. Benefits to growers will include lower costs of production by eliminating agricultural chemicals, and improved sustainability by meeting governmental and consumer demands for more environmentally friendly production methods.

Company head Ryan Douglas is well known and highly respected in the cannabis industry. Prior to relocating to Colombia, Mr. Douglas directed cultivation for Tweed Inc., the flagship subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation. Mr. Douglas’s experience with a commercial start-up in Canada, combined with his hands-on growing experience in Colombia, has resulted in a uniquely powerful ability to help new Colombian clients anticipate challenges, avoid mistakes, and quickly penetrate the global cannabis market.

The next 90 days promise to be busy for RDC, as the company is already underway on an ambitious schedule. Local contractors have been hired to build out the project’s infrastructure, including bringing electricity and water to the grow site. The land itself will be prepared for cultivation, including construction of composting infrastructure and acquisition of aeration equipment.

“I am excited to embark on this journey and hope everyone interested in the future of legal cannabis in Colombia and South America will stay tuned,” said Douglas. “I’ll be posting regular updates on the progress of our facility and the insights gained from our research.”

About Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC
Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC (RDC) is an emerging regional leader in the legal cannabis space. The company provides cultivation advice to legal cannabis start-ups in Colombia, South America and the Caribbean including facility selection and design, acquisition of genetics, hiring and training of cultivation teams, and production scheduling and execution. RDC specializes in providing clients the expertise needed to achieve rapid cultivation start up and minimal time to market.

Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC is headquartered in Manizales, Colombia and has resources, partnerships and business relationships located both locally and internationally. For more information, please visit


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