Cannabis derived terpenes for ipm

Does anyone know on any research in someone using cannabis derived terpenes only as a foliar spray for an ipm routine? I think it could be the future of ipm. Any thoughts?


I am not aware of any research to date using Cannabis derived terpenes for use in an IPM strategy, but I have come across a product recently that is supposed to keep out spider mites, aphids, thrips, white flies, pollen, mold spores, and other unwanted contaminants from entering a given grow zone. It is a product that you can purchase, and it may help boost your IPM system by alleviating the threat of different issues that could come into your facility. Not sure how big your operation is or if you have already considered the implementation of such a product. If interested, I will try to go back and find their website for you.

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Interesting question. What little I know about terpenes it should work, however distilled terpenes can be caustic, so becareful. It would not be very cost effective in the long run though.


Terpenes/oils from other plants are used, Rosemary for Mites, and Thyme for mildew.


I am aware of using essential oils for pest management. I used a product called trifecta. Although I found it prohibitively expensive. It seemed to work well. I am speaking towards cannabis derived terpenes only. From my understanding of cannabis is that it is capable of produceling many different types of essential oils(terpenes). Using the cannabis plants own oils to fight bugs sounds pretty sustainable. Sounds like it could be a cost effective ipm tool. Hoping someone is doing it or plans a scientific study on it.


Ok, good luck in your search or invention.

The products I was referring to are cheap, SNS.