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Cannabis drone delivery


Would you trust this as a delivery method? It reminds me of some stories last year of people smuggling drugs into prisons via drone delivery, into the prison yard.


What do you do if somebody shoots your delivery down?

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I guess they get a free delivery of cannabis :slight_smile:

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Looks like California is saying no to drone delivery:


Not surprised. I’d be afraid of random, accidental drops or drone failure. Wouldn’t want a kid to get their hands on it and try to eat the stuff.

That, and it’s unprotected, making them a prime target for would-be thieves. I bet an air rifle could take them out without drawing police attention.

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Just wait until they give the drones the ability to shoot back :slight_smile:


Hilarious, but a terrible idea.


Yeah the recoil issue needs to be solved for sure :slight_smile: