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Cannabis Engineering for California

California growers and processors: Here’s what you should know before you start your application process, and how Hybrid Tech can help along the way!

California’s cannabis regulations are challenging, but we’ve done our homework and are ready to help you get through the regulatory process and into production.

First and foremost, understand that California’s regulatory framework requires your compliance with several regulatory agencies and statutes. This process will take time and care, so plan accordingly! The agencies involved in regulating your production operation include

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC)

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing (CCL)
, which is a subdivision of the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture

The California Department of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB)

Your local jurisdictional authority (usually your county or city)

Each regulatory authority has significant requirements you’ll need to meet in order to achieve and maintain your cannabis production license. That’s where Hybrid Tech comes in.

To get started on your temporary application, you’ll need a premises diagram that incorporates both a site plan and a floor plan and detailed lighting plans and security details. Some licenses require additional details such as cultivation, processing, and nursery specifications. Having these documents right the first time ensures you won’t be resubmitting repeatedly.

Next starts the work on your annual licence application because your temporary licences expires in 120 days. One of the harder pieces to acquire is the California Environmental Quality Act approval for your project.

The CEQA is an act that requires specific compliance issued by the state.

Each county has written an environmental impact report that spells out how your project needs to comply. Every annual application needs CEQA approval to be accepted.

There are many additional requirements, more than we can squeeze into this short video, but don’t worry, Hybrid Tech will help every step of the way.

Hybrid Tech’s team of California licensed electrical and mechanical engineers, architects, and energy modelers will work directly with you to create and stamp your plans, meet all state and county regulatory requirements, and get you into production the right way.

With over 100 projects completed nationally, our cannabis experience is second-to-none. We have worked on projects of all sizes from small family farms to multi-project developments. As a cannabis-specific design and engineering firm, we are prepared to get your project through permitting in ways that more traditional firms simply are not. We understand the emerging nature of the market, the ever-changing regulatory environment, and our engineers are focused on designing cutting-edge facilities that will give you a competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry.

Hybrid Tech’s Cannabis System Design process ensures compliance with a focus on resource efficient growing methods so you can focus on what you do best – Growing great cannabis.

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