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Cannabis for Celiac


Nice article from on people using cannabis to help with the symptoms of celiac. As someone with celiac, I find it helps me when I accidentally ingest gluten. I know that a lot of you, such as @tasiakelle and @espx got into this business because of the medical applications of cannabis and extracts - it’s nice to see more mainstream recognition of the wide variety of medical conditions that can be helped:


I know my intestines are frequently irritable, so this is actually a good read for me as well. I may not have celiac, but gastrointestinal issues run in my family.


Yeah there’s mentions in the article (and elsewhere) about other digestive and auto-immune conditions being helped, such as Crohn’s and IBS.

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Good article. Since deciding to start a business growing marijuana, I’ve had people come to me asking if it would help with tourettes, cancer, crohn’s, epilepsy, essential tremors and dementia. It may not be a cure, but to many relief from the their symptoms is the next best thing. Thanks for sharing this article, I’ll pass the information along.


Same here when I was telling people that was I going to work at Growers Network. Lots of people who I wouldn’t have assumed were cannabis-friendly letting me know about them or relatives who are using cannabis to treat a variety of conditions.