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Cannabis Grow Operation Air Conditioning Savings Analysis with LED Grow Lights

Cannabis Grow Operation - Air Conditioning Savings Analysis with LED Grow Lights.pdf (56.6 KB)


I disagree with the casual assumption of the paper that “LED lights are twice as efficient as HPS”. In reality, many LED grow lights are less efficient than HPS, and a lot of caution should be used when making savings calculations based on light replacement. For cannabis, in order to maintain good VPD at the canopy, temp and RH need to be increased compared to growing with HID lights because of the decreased radiant heat from the lamp. This can impact air conditioning and dehu costs, and might not be a good idea for a poorly sealed or insulated space due to the increased risk of pathogens.

I’m not particularly impressed with the product either: full spectrum LEDs are clearly the future. I am passionate about cannabis energy efficiency, and I think we can do better.


Hey Elliot, it was great meeting you at the IndoExpo.

At Trym we’ve heard a fair amount of skepticism in the industry about the savings from LEDs, which is why we decided to add a feature that tracks your energy efficiency project savings. For example, if you replace HIDs with LEDs we can track the energy savings for the entire room, including energy savings from HVAC and dehumidification in addition to savings from the lights. By linking the energy reduction directly to the energy cost savings it shows cultivators quantitatively how LEDs actually impact the economics of their business.


Thank you for your response and feedback. If you don’t mind please see the analysis with comparison on HID & LED in relation to micro-moles and energy savings.

We look forward to your insight.

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