Cannabis Health Warnings

Got this today. Becareful folks.

Post any warning or precautions you find in the industry.


I know not a health warning, but a current news article about some issues facing the cannabis industry:

How Mitch McConnell Accidentally Created An Unregulated THC Market

Sen. Mitch McConnell didn’t know what he was doing when he passed the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill included his provision that legalized industrial hemp, a form of cannabis that can be made into a wide variety of products including cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating cannabis compound commonly called CBD. That part was intentional — the law quickly launched a multi-billion dollar industry that put the once-obscure CBD compound into lattes, seltzers and hundreds of CVS stores across the country.

But after three years it appears one of the law’s biggest impacts was entirely unintentional: It accidentally created a booming market for synthetic THC, marijuana’s primary intoxicant. Read more


Why can’t people just leave a fantastic natural product alone? I saw this coming, back when Colorado was first getting started, and within the next year, they started cooking everything down, making wax and oils many times more potent than just the bud. now they are altering it chemically and we are right back to having regulators breathing down everyone’s neck, and the next thing you know it will begin to be re-regulated, and the money wasting “war on drugs” will fire up all over again. Grow it smoke it and leave it the hell alone!


Man, this is really unfortunate…I think the concentrate market is more susceptable to this kind of adulteration. Very dangerous situation though when you consider how easy it is to incorporate just about anything into a concentrate…kinda reminds me of ‘cutting’ that occurs in hard and designer drugs.

I think the legal market has a big advantage here, as they are more accountable and will emerge as the ‘safe’ suppliers of concentrates for those that prefer them.

Certainly any negative press has an effect on the Cannabis industry…however I think this one will ultimately be beneficial for legal growers/dispenseries…JMHO


You may be right Bob…but why can’t everyone just leave it alone in the first place, a lot of the people involved in this industry have no idea how long we fought for the legalization of marijuana, it has been decades. I am 70 and it has just become legal in the last three years here. Some states are already beginning the process of more restrictive regulations already, @Jimhigh66 posted about that a few weeks ago. Some people would fuck up a wet dream if you let them see it lol.


Well Cali is finally starting to get proactive…

October 21, 2021

Department of Cannabis Control marks 100 days as a new state department

CALIFORNIA – Today, California’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) marks its first 100 days as a new state department. In this short time, DCC has already taken significant steps to deliver on the Newsom Administration’s commitments to support California cannabis businesses and improve the cannabis regulatory framework.

“We’ve made meaningful early progress as a new department, but this is only the beginning,” said Nicole Elliott, DCC Director. “DCC will continue to direct significant effort to building a safe, sustainable and equitable cannabis market, including by engaging with all stakeholders, improving access to licensure, and streamlining and simplifying the regulatory framework.”

Below are some of DCC’s major accomplishments during its first 100 days as a state department:

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What we’ve done

  • Launched $100 million local grant program, informed by meetings and input from 17 eligible jurisdictions, to support the transition of businesses into annual licensure by funding completion of local and environmental reviews
  • Consolidated three sets of regulations into one, reducing duplicative and conflicting cannabis business regulations, aligning core application requirements and allowing business-to-business trade samples
  • Toured more than 20 licensed cannabis businesses representing all license types, with direct engagement between the licensees and newly-appointed DCC leadership team (Photo included below)
  • Transitioned hundreds of provisional licenses to annual licenses, recently issuing the 3,000th annual license
  • Reviewed 140 standard operating procedures and 100 method validations submitted by applicants for testing laboratory licenses
  • Served or assisted on 118 search warrants targeting unlicensed activity resulting in seizure or destruction of more than 71,751 pounds of cannabis and cannabis product worth nearly $121.6 million, eradication of 273,326 plants, and seizure of $655,000 in cash and 14 firearms; this also includes focused efforts in Mendocino County, Siskiyou County and the Southern California high desert region to support enforcement against water diversions
  • Completed ISO 17025 pre-assessment for California’s state-run cannabis testing laboratory
  • Merged organizational structure of the three programs into one, creating singular points of contact for stakeholders forging DCC’s strategic plan and unified culture, and developing the organization’s mission, vision and values
  • Named permanent and transitionary leadership team
  • Relaunched with expanded state cannabis information

Where we’re going

DCC is conducting an assessment of all processes and procedures that were in place under the former cannabis programs, with an aim to maintain the best of each former program, further enhance stakeholder engagement and support applicants and licensees. A subset of this work is the aligning the inspection programs for the entire supply chain; DCC is building toward a robust routine inspection program that enhances compliance and accountability for all businesses.

Over the next year, DCC anticipates taking multiple, comprehensive regulatory actions to further simplify and enhance the cannabis regulatory framework. This includes regulations to implement fee waivers for equity applicants and licensees, which will be released within the next 45 days. DCC anticipates ongoing, direct engagement with equity applicants and licensees to better understand their unique needs and challenges.

DCC is deepening partnerships with local and state partners, including to support licensing, compliance, enforcement and equity programs. Through DCC, the state will continue to offer support and technical assistance for local governments, creating pathways for businesses to participate in the licensed, legal marketplace.

Our This is California Cannabis campaign, which promotes the benefits of licensure, will expand during the next six months to include retailers and manufacturers, in addition to cultivators. Additional education and support for businesses to remain compliant post-licensure will be released within the next year.

DCC and the Newsom Administration will make additional appointments over the coming months to fill top leadership and advisory roles. DCC also anticipates ongoing recruitments to fill vacant positions throughout the department. This hiring will support the development of infrastructure necessary to support the department in meeting its mission and fulfilling its mandates.

\ 5x1


Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) and Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency (BCSH) leaders at 515 Broadway, a licensed cannabis retailer and equity program participant, located in Sacramento, California.

From left to right:

  • Lila Mirrashidi, BCSH Deputy Secretary of Business and Consumer Relations
  • Lourdes Castro Ramírez, BCSH Secretary
  • Nicole Elliott, DCC Director
  • Juan Ordaz, DCC Supervising Special Investigator
  • Richard Parrott, DCC Deputy Director of Compliance

Photo credit: Department of Cannabis Control

\ 5x1

Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) leaders tour Divine Pines Farm, a licensed small outdoor cultivator in Grass Valley, California.

From left to right:

  • Christina Dempsey, DCC Acting Deputy Director of External Affairs
  • Jim Moe, Divine Pines Farm
  • Rasha Salama, DCC Chief Deputy Director

Photo credit: Nevada County Cannabis Alliance

\ 5x1

About the Department of Cannabis Control

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) licenses and regulates commercial cannabis activity within California. DCC works closely with all stakeholders, including businesses and local governments, to create a sustainable legal cannabis industry and a safe and equitable marketplace. DCC develops and implements progressive cannabis policies with robust protections for public health, safety and the environment.

DCC was formed by merging the three state cannabis programs.

Learn More


Exactly what I was talking about. DEA with a different name.


Hey sport ! I do want to converse with you here…Up till 100 days ago the only authority for licensing and enforcement was CDFA…They did a good job of getting the legalization rolling but their enforcement role was really beyond their capabilities or manpower so what we saw was a tremendous number of south of the border interests moving product into ‘dispenaries’ that were nothing more than fronts…

You see there are 3000 legal licensed growers now…I see that as a pretty good indication big pharma/tobacco are NOT going to control the market. I see a grant program helping small growers with environmental reviews and sustainability program development…

Finally an enforcement division with teeth to help crush the black market product that has NO TESTING or controls…

I would guess if you want a fully legal market to establish and flourish, you’re going to have to eliminate blackmarket goods!?

I think there will always be guerilla grows just like there are still moonshiners…


Yep even in the middle nowhere i would grow cannabis. I would find a way no matter what! :+1:


Sure prey, I think there are many that will , and it’s certainly possible to continue supplying people with medications they may well not be able to afford There will be a tremendous number of people that will grow for their own use…There are now…they are legally growing without licenses as long as they comply with county/city ordinances. At least in Cali the licensing relates to cannabis commerce…


I like the liquid spray nano technology there utilizing in the desert to grow water melons in pure sand?


So i wonder if i lived in some place arid and desert i could grow cannabis like this?


Very interesting…have never heard anything about it !!! You’ll have to PM me some info on that one !!


Wayyyy cool


Sounds WAY Cool… I wanna check that out ! Right now I gotta take mom to visit 007 !!

I will take a good look at that one!!


Then we get m.i.t. making water extraction devices that pull water out of thin air! Man blown mind on that water device


Say hello to Mom for me have a good time!


Bob, you are exactly right. I’m still running moonshine and its cheaper to buy it in the store. Its awful, but its cheaper.



What bothers me is for all these years since the 40’s when they made cannibis illegal because black folk were smoking it…and that was the real reason, they have jailed and punished people of all colors across the board for using, growing and selling. Now all of a sudden it is OK for the GOVERNMENT to buy sell and make a profit from pot, but not the common man. You may be able to grow it, but if you get caught selling it the punishment is the same as it has always been for the common man, but not the government, they have once again made it where it is do as I say not as I do. What happened to OF/BY/and FOR the PEOPLE?? They aren’t changing the market one bit giving themselves the right to sell it and still punishing the common man for doing the same. This new enforcement agency is nothing more than a strongarm agency to make sure the state grown pot can support their excessive taxes and nothing else.


I hate to say it but that article is like “wow man” when in fact the fact that river basins have been the best growing areas world wide has long been known. There was never a mystery about why river flood plains were what seemed to be perpetually fertile. Same applies to the Missouri and Mississippi river flood plains, except that lesson has been hammered home for decades here. The “taming” of the rivers is one of the worst things man has done, sure it allows barges and ships to travel the waterways by creating a series of “lakes” which here were formed by a series of locks and dams. But same problem, it stopped the yearly infusion of runoff silt from the entire drainage area of the rivers. OF COURSE the replentishment is going to go away…DUH. But like everything else in the world today, lets get a bunch of taxpayer money and study something that has been know for decades. Then write an article and put a “nano” in the headline and suddenly it’s WOW lookie what we did. They didn’t do a damn thing that nature hasent been doing for millinia. Sorry but I am unimpressed.