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Cannabis Horticultural Association (CHA)

I would like to announce the CHA has officially activated its membership portion of the website. We have curated a scientifically backed platform for Integrated Pest Management, BioControls and Soil Science and have provided management tools for hobbyists and farmers who wish to cultivate high-grade cannabis in the most sustainable fashion. The best part is that since it is member driven, we are constantly adding new topics based on member requests. The most recent request was for a page on Korean Nature Farming and Ferments! Im looking forward to those topics! This is a grassroots effort from deep in the heart of Humboldt County and I encourage everyone who wants to support the organic and biological framework of cannabis agriculture to sign up and become a supporting member today. There’s 20% off coupon code until 5/20/17. The code is: 420
The website is: