Cannabis industry in Ecuador

Hi friends! Sorry to not write before but new year and january is always a busy time!!!

We are still waiting for the seeds to arrive, one phytosanitary requirement is taking too long in the US but it is almost ready. 500 kilos of seeds are awaiting in the airport, the Seeds and Cloning lab ready to start producing. Our 5 hectares (12.4 acres) of land are ready to receive the seeds. We have a dozen of registered brands, from plant names to beverages and sustainable fashion names, a Gemmacert PRO botanic analyzer… you name it!

We just presented a project proposal to the Belguim network of universities for a 3 year program for cannabis analysis in Ecuador, an education project for Cannabis education with the Canadian Embasy, a hempwood/hempcrete master’s thesis, our own ERP/CRM software with track and trace capabilities…

And we have DOLLARS. Ecuador uses dollars as a currency since 1999. Banking is easy and safe. No “federaly illegal” crap.

We have invested about USD 360,000.oo in our facilities and we are in need of investors with cash or equipment: Decorticator, cold press for hempseed oil, baler, seed dryer and dehuller. Our production costs per hectare of industrial hemp are about USD 25,000

So… let me help you to become a millonaire mogul of Cannabis in South America!!! If you are interested, drop me a note :smiley:

Greetings to all of you. Please be safe.

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So you are growing hemp, not cannibis? As in for making rope, fabric paper etc.?



Hi @sssportsmfg, we have 2 licenses, one for seeds and cloning, that’s what I call “the lab” and a second one for Industrial Hemp for fiber, rope, grain and hurds.
In our lab we can produce clones and seedlings of any kind up to 1% THC that is the maximum in the Ecuador regulations.


I actually seriously considered moving to Ecuador when I retired. On the west coast, on the Pacific side. Actually considered lots of places, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica. Still toying with somewhere else other than here.

I invested in a company in Columbia about 5 years ago (cannibis) it is down a good 85% pretty much lost my entire investment. It is to the point that if I sell my stock, I take a bloodbath, if I don’t I am gambling on them actually making a success of it. I don’t have real high hopes.



After the earthquake of 2016 I lived for a year and a half in the coast of Ecuador, in Pedernales. The best langostinos ever! With coco crust and maracuya sauce… Delicious!
Colombia is a tough place to invest in Cannabis due to a lot of bureaucracy for the licenses and the currency exchange (my wife is from Bogotá). Panamá and Costa Rica are still a couple of years from the regulation in despite of the good news about it.
If you send me your email address via private message, I can send you my “pitch deck”. Meanwhile check my LinkedIn and look for @CooproAnanda in Twitter and Facebook.
See you soon!