Cannabis: Inexplicably Bringing People Together

I have long referred to cannabis “The Great Universalizer”. By that I mean it’s remarkable who cannabis sometimes brings together. Sometimes two people from completely different worlds find themselves sharing a joint and sometimes sharing a piece of their souls…

I’m grateful for so much in my life I attribute directly to cannabis. It’s really hard for me to measure the impact this plant has had on my existence. I love the plant and the plant has given me so much. I work in the cannabis industry and it sustains my existence. I farm the plant and the plant gives back. I met my lady at a cannabis event. I have love in my life thanks to the plant I love.

Now I find myself managing a social network dedicated wholly to cannabis. I get to interact with, influence, learn from, and share my passion and love of cannabis with the professional world…I now get to meet all of you here. All thanks to cannabis, The Great Universalizer.

Let me share a quick story to demonstrate the Universalizer Principle:

Like many children of the suburbs, I am a lifelong lover of hip hop. Music has always been an influence in my life. There are some people in this world who transcend all facets of popular culture. Snoop is one of those people who have managed to work their way seemingly into every media space. He is world renowned as both an artist and a connoisseur of fine cannabis. So when I heard he was coming to Tucson and making a stop at our dispensary, naturally I was more than a little elated to meet him.

I had given a tour of our dispensary cultivation facility to some of Snoop’s team a few weeks earlier to discuss a co-branding opportunity, but I never thought I would actually get an opportunity to meet the man himself.

Sometimes the Universe offers you a fortuitous surprise…

Being in the same room as Snoop is what imagine sharing space with the Messiah might have been like: he’s tall and lean, has great facial hair, smells like the finest herbs, and has a strange calmness and serenity that seems to follow him.

As I approached Snoop, I was kindly reminded of the amazing ability of cannabis to bring people together (in this case, one of my idols). Our interaction was brief. We spoke for a few moments, raised a blunt for quick photo, then carried on with our business.

This event happened a few years ago, but I think it’s worth mentioning. One of the many untold benefits of this incredible plant is its ability to be The Great Universalizer. I don’t feel this aspect of cannabis gets enough appreciation!

Cannabis has brought me meaningful employment, abundant love, happiness, and rich culture.

Who has cannabis unexpectedly or inexplicably brought into your life?


For one thing, Cannabis brings people from my past to me for cannabis info. I think many of my peers thought i was nuts for years there but now, they contact me for advice on CBD, THC, how to get legal etc.

In the end, is it the Cannabis that unites or is it the fact that Cannabis makes us put our true selves forward and that unites us? Either way, it’s alllll good.


Great share @Growernick! That’s awesome you got to meet Snoop!!

I definitely agree with you in that cannabis is, The Great Universalizer. Just going into a dispensary and seeing the crazy diversity of people that use cannabis is awesome. All ages, all ethnicities, people from all backgrounds. I have met people from all over the world, just because of a common interest in cannabis. I absolutely love what this plant truly brings to the world. Before it’s even smoked.

P.s- I like the Emerald Harvest shirt! I like their products a lot!


Isn’t that the truth?! All you have to do is walk into your local dispensary to see the vast diversity of people who are consumers of cannabis! Great point!