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Cannabis Insurance

Hi Everyone,

We have been getting a lot of questions on what can be insured? As of right now (Fire, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, riot, smoke, sinkhole collapse, bodily injury and property damage to others, errors and/or omissions, libel, slander, defamation of character, employee occupational injury/Workers’ Compensation, loss of income, targeted cyberattacks/breach of privacy) can all be insured.

There are only a few carrier who are willing to write this insurance so the backlog to get a quote can be 30-45 days. The the good rule of thumb is to get started on this about 60 days before you think your going to need a policy.

Give us a call to explore what insurance options are opening up because of new State reforms. We’re
licensed to insure in California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Texas.



I am Ken from CannaLife Ins Agency. If you want to be able to offer cannabis users life insurance with admitted use as well as cannabis business owners the ability to fund buy-sell and key man policies with life insurance! Yes, I have a 420 friendly life insurer I am working with to develop the cannabis business markets for life insurance. This can be huge. I am Ken, founder and CEO of CannaLife Insurance Agency and CannaLife Financial Solutions.
If you want to discuss taking on these 2 amazing 420 friendly life insurers give me a call. If you do not but want to work out a referral exchange, we can discuss that too. I do not do P & C though I have an AZ (resident) P & C license. I am licensed in all the states you are in except Idaho for life insurance.

Have a great day.


Ken Kaufman
CannaLife Insurance Agency
Office; 623-977-3411
Email: [email protected]


The best way for cannabis businesses to have the best insurance protection is for the industry to form a captive, reciprocal, risk retention group (maybe) and partially self fund the risks, in a pool (especially product liability), and buy an excess policy (or reinsurance) from the solid commercial market: not the small carriers now selling their wares for a quick premium and who will be gone when claims start to come in.Farmers, USAA, Zurich and many many others started this way. We did a national program for generic drugs when they first arrived on the scene ( we are NOT insurance brokers but fee for service administrators)and saved that industry millions and millions and are approved by the big carriers…I would love to talk or visit more…Michael…312-675-8030 or [email protected] ( website being re-done)…Kannariskmgt…


For those who are unfamiliar with Captive Insurance, under section 831(b), forming a Captive Insurance company allows businesses to proactively create a dedicated asset base to fund losses, improve cash flow, and provide investment income. As long as they meet the requirements, including a premium limitations amount that do not exceed $2.3 million annually, Captive Insurance companies may elect to be subject to an alternative tax based only on taxable investment income. Under this alternative tax, the underwriting profits of the insurance company are exempt from federal income tax.

Aside from offering insurance coverage for unique claims such as Government Intervention, Loss of License or Interruption of Licence, any Business Interruption including Crop Failure, Key Employee Loss, Key Vendor Loss, Liability and more, opening your own Captive Insurance company is a mechanism to use before tax dollars and convert them into capital gains which are taxed at a lower rate. For additional savings you can leave your dollars in the Captive company, and borrow against them on a 30 year term, whereby you only have to pay the interest on the loan. Your dollars are fully protected within the Captive company from any creditor including the IRS.

Cannabis Captive Insurance is proud to offer full industry experts offer full-service managerial assistance. Our industry experts offer the highest caliber of award-winning global tax services including legal and accounting services, administration, registration, conducting audits, claims management, compliance, and general management of the captive. Our full-service managerial and advisory firm has the experience of over 300+ Captive cases. Captive Insurance Companies are often overlooked as a strategic initiative by finance and tax professionals, as the benefits are not easily understood or explained. With the proper guidance, the economic advantages of a Captive program become readily apparent.

PM me for more information. Our website launches next week.


Great post and interaction everyone.

Hey @johno I think you should jump into this post and provide some expertise from your end over there in NJ.

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