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Cannabis Puns

Hey everybody!

Part of my work with Growers Network involves verifying businesses associated with the cannabis industry. That means I see a lot of business names, and for some reason, cannabis is chock full of puns. I thought I would share a list I’ve been gathering of different puns. Feel free to contribute your own!

  • Releaf – This one’s incredibly common
  • “The Healing Center” (THC) – Again, a really common one
  • Breaking Bud
  • Knights Hemplar
  • Best Buds
  • Jack Pot
  • Mary Jane – Common
  • High Stakes
  • Buy the Ounce
  • High Times – Yes, the magazine
  • Lazy Daze
  • Mariajuana – Thought it was a clever derivation of Mary Jane
  • Bud Naked
  • Fweedom
  • High Noon
  • Hippocratic Growth – One of my personal favorites
  • Stoned Age
  • Meowy Jane
  • Starbuds – Came with accompanying modified Starbucks logo
  • Citi Dank
  • Good Titrations
  • Dank Dynasty
  • Flower to the People
  • Give and Toke
  • Zkittlez - Taste the Ztrainz bro
  • BHOgart
  • Eugreen, Oregon
  • Pharm to Table
  • Herb N’ Sprawl
  • “Happy St. Fatty’s Day – I won’t be wearing green, but I will be smoking it.”
  • Terp. N. Tine.
  • Royal Highness
  • Sons of Agronomy
  • Infusiasm
  • Canndy
  • SupHerbs
  • The Legion of Bloom
  • Breaking the Grass Ceiling
  • Blunted Society
  • The Reefinery
  • Headmaster
  • DUber
  • Budding Industry - Growth Industry - Profits Higher Than Ever - Deep Roots – Just some common puns.
  • Delving Into The Weeds
  • To Be Blunt
  • Joint Effort
  • High Heals – Double the pun, double the fun!

I imagine this list will grow :slight_smile:

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I think you’re right buddy


I had some pretty high hopes that you guys would be able to contribud more.

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Dank of America…an elderly couple entered thinking it was the bank


this is such dad humor

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I strive to make my fiancee go “Ugh.” at every opportunity. :smiley:

Been married for 12 years. Tell your fiance it only gets worse :wink: but if you have kids you will be hilarious till they are about 9


We’re getting seasonal with our puns now! Just saw a “Danksgiving” pun.