Cannabis related businesses'…other than dispensary, growing, testing and processing

I’m going before a city council in two two weeks and I need possible buisness ideas, other than the above described.

I’d definitely would talk about how it’s good for the community like job opportunities revenue attracting other businesses just my opinion

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Do you have a specific type of business related to the cannabis industry?

Canna cafes, legalized venues for arts, delivery services

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I was thinking about shipping, receiving and packaging plant.

Shipping, receiving and packaging pretty much depends on the state you are in and its laws. You can not transport products containing cannabis across state lines so I am assuming you are talking about within your state. Here in Michigan they specifically have a “transporter” license category for your business.

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Oklahoma requires a transport license as well. Having the infrastructure in place will definitely help when the federal moratorium is lifted. Oklahoma is centrally located which makes it great for national distribution.

Interesting plan. My guess is federal rules are min. 2 yrs out. If Biden wins they will probably so “something”. Whatever that “something” is it will take at least 2 yrs of talking in DC.

I see the bulk of Flower coming out of AZ in the future. They already have 10 million plus sq ft of computer operated greenhouses turning out tomato’s for $0.50/#. We will see how long they take to converting to cannabis once they can transport across statelines. Following that I could see the processing industry being centered in CO.

The shortcoming to the Michigan transport license is you can not warehouse anything for more than a short time period, I believe under 72 hr.

There are the out of state companies that are established here currently, they are
already primed in majority of the legal states. With 10s of thousands sqft facilities. Stability downtown is 30000 with plans to grow it.

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I worked at Stability for a week. Big operation

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The cannabis industry needs branding / marketing agencies that understand the state’s limitations and how to successfully build a tribe of followers in spite of the regulations on social posting, street signage, et.

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