Cannabis ruderalis (tropical strain)

I hope I am posting to the right category, if not apologies in advance.

I am looking to buy some cannabis ruderalis seeds. I am not able to find any after extensive Google searches. (Up and above that I am in Africa so need tropical strains if possible, so fairly big ask.)

Thanks for your help and time.


Hey @Russell, you may be better served on your line of latitude with an equatorial sativa rather than a ruderalis. Generally, ruderalis cultivars are considered mountainous plants that grow in extreme conditions. They also tend to have very weak harvests and even weaker cannabinoid profiles. Furthermore, the ruderalis strains are often auto-flowering (the result of being forced to grow in extreme conditions) and not photo-dependent. Your ability to manipulate the lights to force flowering could be impacted by this fact.

The good news is this: your seed hunt became infinitely easier now. Our friends over at @Strainly might be able to lend a hand here. Happy hunting! :+1::evergreen_tree:


Hello @Russell ,

Can’t agree more with Nick regarding Ruderalis vs. Latitudes. However, if you need a more convenient and performant search engine to make your quest easier, do not hesitate to contact us or check us out directly.

There are few ruderalis dominant varietals listed on Strainly…

Good luck!


Hi @Growernick, thanks for your pointers. I hear you and agree that a sativa strain will be the best cultivar for our regional location. Just looking for some tropical ruderalis to test some theories! I have been in touch with the good people at Strainly and I think I might have found a source. Will let you know the outcome of trials when done!

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Thanks for your comments @Strainly. Will certainly be growing predominantly sativa strains. The ruderalis is purely for RnD. I have registered on you platform (very awesome resource) and will hopefully find something relating!

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Man, the stuff you learn on here.

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Hey @Joegrow thanks very much for the pointers. The search for some tropical ruderalis seed is purely to put some theory into practice and not for any other practical reasons. I appreciate your help though!

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