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Cannabis Staffing Group's Free Cannabis Job Fair (Massachusetts)

Hey @JobSeekers! Click the link to get your free tickets to the Cannabis Staffing Group’s Cannabis Job Fair. It’s happening June 8th in Worcester, MA and remember, it’s free! Early registration will allow you to skip to head of the line for interviews!


Sounds like a great opportunity. Is this just for careers in Ma? If not which other states will have companies there? And what companies will be there? I tried to look you up to find more info but I didn’t see anything other than event brite which lacked details of any significance for that event. I would love to know who I may be applying with to do research on potential career opportunities. Also more important is I would be traveling 12 hours to attend.


Here’s their linked in They’re based in MA so I suspect it would be MA employers. I’m sure they’d provide more specific info though if you reach out.

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