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Cannabis trimming technology: Expertise through experience


By 2024 the international cannabis market is forecast to reach $56.4 billion, as markets emerge worldwide that provide growers access to new consumers. To take advantage of burgeoning global opportunities, commercial operations need industrial trimmers capable of immense throughput, with an end-product barely distinguishable from hand-trimmed flower.

Over two decades of experience and innovation enables CenturionPro to meet the needs of even the largest commercial operations. Building on the company’s unwavering reputation for uncompromised quality and resilience, the XL 5.0 SE trimmer can process a staggering 2250 lbs wet / 450 lbs dry cannabis per hour. This not only positions the XL 5.0 SE trimmer as an ideal solution for commercial operations today, but also one able to futureproof your business for heightened demand tomorrow.


In 1999 Centurion released the original cannabis tumbler trimmer, only three years after California created the first medicinal cannabis framework. The seminal machine was ground-breaking as the first automated solution to provide a manually trimmed appearance, a feat previously considered impossible. For the first-time growers could mechanize the resource intensive harvesting process to increase profit margins, while maintaining the quality needed to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

Over the years CenturionPro improved the original model alongside the cannabis community, helping growers overcome obstacles as the market evolved. Larger trimming machines were created to help growers scale alongside demand, with double (Gladiator) and then triple (3.0) barrelled models developed for greater throughput capacity. Improvements were also made to revolutionize the standard of machine trimmed flower, with non-stick tumbler coatings adopted to preserve trichrome quality and adjustable systems introduced for different trimming styles and speeds.


By 2020 the industry had reached new heights, with many producers struggling to maintain standards as their operations scaled exponentially. To help growers solve this widespread challenge CenturionPro developed its XL trimmers, specifically for large-scale commercial operations. Entering a new age of cannabis trimming technology, these harvesting solutions are capable of processing up to 3000lbs of wet cannabis an hour. Not only are the XL models the biggest cannabis trimming machines available, there are also the most sophisticated, with a central console to enhance control for a perfect trim and to minimize mistakes.

Through a commitment to progress, the popular XL 5.0 trimmer has now been enhanced with a third cutting reel – exclusive to the XL 5.0 SE trimmer. This third cutting reel experiences the greatest usage, due to the natural flow of cannabis through the tumbler, and benefits from an independent motor and pulley system. This increased power accelerates the cutting reel’s RPM, providing a tighter trim than previously achievable, empowering growers to scale their operation and raise trimming standards simultaneously.

The XL 5.0 SE trimmer sets a new standard for industrial scale cannabis trimers, with competitors yet to develop even a slightly comparable machine. With a history of creating ground-breaking elite cannabis trimming technologies, underpinned by unapparelled support and extensive warranties, CenturionPro is proud to look to the future and augment the automated harvesting process through constant innovation. Replacing hundreds of manual workers, the trimmer also integrates with the CenturionPro XL Megabucker, combining to produce one of the largest and most advanced harvesting systems in the world.

As a supplier of harvesting automation solutions, CenturionPro is committed to continue servicing customers during the COVID-19 crisis. To learn how to improve harvesting automation at your farm or facility, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 1-855-535-0558 or 1.604.457.1101.

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