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Cannabis use during pregnancy: is it safe?

Thorough overview of the meager science that is out there on the issue:

Obviously avoiding all drug use during pregnancy is optimal, but for women with severe nausea, is it better to take a prescription medication or use something like cannabis to treat it?


Related research:

I’d say that it’s probably wisest to wait until there’s more research available on the subject. There’s evidence that exposure in younger minds can cause developmental delays, but there’s also some conflicting evidence and the possibility of complicating factors in studies.

This is one of those areas of science where there is no consensus, and the safest option is to wait until researchers can untangle it before claiming definitively in one direction or another.


I’d rather pregnant mamas use cannabis instead subutex or suboxone. Those babies still withdraw the same way and often require morphine to help them get through the withdrawal phase after birth. 4 out 10 babies born at the hospital where I work are addicted to opioids. It sucks.