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Cannabis versus Cancer


But early research indicates that cannabinoids can do so much more. Data is showing that medical marijuana has antitumor effects and may one day be used as a cancer treatment, not just as a drug to ease symptoms of the disease. Well over 100 types of cannabinoids—the compounds within cannabis containing different properties and chemical profiles—have been identified to date, yet few have been studied for their specific effects. Medical marijuana’s proven palliative care benefits and the complexity of the drug indicate clinical studies are necessary to uncover the drug’s full potential.

Great article by Scientific American!

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Notice how they put the word cured in quotes!

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Certain cannabinoids cause apoptosis (programmed cell death) in certain cancer cells. We just don’t know yet which ones attach which ones and why.

But in Israel they’ve proven that Cannabis kills cancer cells in a vague manner. They now just have to narrow it down with a few decades more research.

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