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CannaCon Boston 2018

PROTEUS420 will be exhibiting at the CannaCon 2018 Boston show - Come stop by and see a live demo of our Cannabis Business Solution that will take your Cannabusiness from Seed-to-Sale -

PROTEUS420 - Booth 313

Hynes Convention Center
JULY 27th, 28th

–Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher


420 Friendly Insurance will also be exhibiting at CannaCon Boston. We will be in booth #416. Please stop by and introduce yourself if we have not met before. I think that building a personal rapport is very important in this business. If we have meet before, well than just say hello or pick up another 420 Friendly Insurance YOYO.

Visit our web site at


Definitely will, I will not personally be at this show unfortunately, but Chris and Jay will be there and I will make sure they swing by!

We expect to be answering a lot of questions about state reporting and how the system works so we will make sure we let people know to swing by your booth as well!

Leave some flyers on our Booth so we can share :slight_smile:

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Hey there Proteus420 (or Dawn?),

You are probably engaging the crowd right now as we speak. I just wanted to say hello and wish you luck today and tomorrow, and at some point I’d love to see a video clip or learn more about your demo.

Happy Cannaconing!