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CannaCon SEATTLE, WA Feb 15 - 17th

CannaCon is one of the world’s largest cannabis industry expo events.
We serve as the global marketplace for education, innovative products, and businesses serving the cannabis industry. Enjoy a 3-day long interactive gathering of like-minded cannabis professionals and peers. Benefit from this immersive experience learning from leading problem-solving professionals, speaking on the wide range of topics on the latest developments in the industry. Place your hands on the latest cannabis technology and consumer products and learn about the trends influencing 2017 and beyond.


I am getting really excited for it (plus some of my travel mates want to take me out for seafood, which I’ve had fresh maybe twice in my life haha!)

I really enjoyed the CannaGrow show for what it was and I’ll be going to Indo Expo here in Denver, really hoping to meet and greet with several people from here!


Excited for this event as well!


Great show! We will be there this year. We look forward to it.


Seems everyone is getting excited. Pre sale tickets are at a record high this year, and we are still 8 days away.